Driving Adoption with User-Centered Dashboard Development

In this webinar replay, you’ll learn how a user-centered approach to dashboard development can lead to analytics products your users will love and continue to use over time. For more information about the UCDD Workshop discussed in the webinar, download our info sheet, User-Centered Dashboard Development by InterWorks, or reach out to our team for booking: interworks.com/contact.

Intro to Natural Language for Business Intelligence

As the demand for Natural Language Processing (NLP) increases, it is important for BI professionals to know how they can leverage Natural Language (NL) to augment visual analytics. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation (NLG) can do for us that doesn’t already exist in analytics
  • Common and growing use cases for NLP and NLG
  • How you can get started with NL
  • NL within the Tableau ecosystem and workflows

​​​​​Dashboards Reconstructed

In this webinar, the InterWorks Experience Design team shares insights that explain the thinking, processes and principles behind what makes a dashboard successful. This team specializes in utilizing the power of design in combination with effective visualization practices to create the most impactful analytics experiences for users. You’ll walk away with several ideas on how you can improve your work immediately.

Data Prep for Really Good Analytics

In this webinar, we give you the tools and understanding to make the most of your data prep workflows and environment. We focus on practical tips that will improve dashboard performance and data governance.

​​​​​Tableau Dashboard Design Tips for 2022

In this webinar replay, we share some of our favorite tips, tricks and techniques from dashboards we designed last year. From clever solutions for specific situations to design decisions that cut across all types of data, we’ve collected a range of ideas that will help you create more effective dashboards in 2022.

Telling Great Stories with Data

Great dashboards start with great stories. But how much do you think about that story before you open Tableau Desktop or begin a new PowerPoint? Many of us are guilty of building without purpose, which limits the impact of what we produce. Let’s take a step back and discuss strategies for effective storytelling and how to apply them to your dashboarding.

Tableau Governance

Governance and self-service go hand in hand, but what exactly is governance? What’s important to know about how it relates to your Tableau Server and Online environments? This webinar will bring clarity to how governance is defined, and we’ll discuss key factors to keep in mind when governing your Tableau environment.

The Data Prep Landscape

Whether you’re prepping data for analysis at the self-service / personal / desktop level or you’re moving into group-level or server-level processing, chances are you have some questions. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the data prep landscape to help you understand the layers of considerations when managing your data environment.

Interactive Dashboard Tips & Tricks

Dashboard interactivity is key to user engagement and to helping users find ‘just the thing’ they’re after. But how many of us regularly include interactivity in our Tableau dashboards? This webinar will share some tips and tricks from the InterWorks Assist team that will help you take your dashboards to the next level.

Go! Tableau

Go! Tableau is a 90-minute hands-on introduction to Tableau Desktop and learn how self-service analytics can evolve and transform your business. Whether you’re an Excel wizard or completely new to analysis, this interactive webinar will have you ready to Go! Tableau.